Wine-tastingThis blog is to help deepen ones understanding in wine tasting. It is not necessary to be a wine expert to enjoy wine or wine sampling. So lets get started.

Color:  With your glass less than 1/2 full hold it by the stem. Tilt the glass so that you can observe the depth of the color. Wines can come in a variety of colors: rich shades of gold, amber, yellow, ruby, and deep purple.  A wines color is also reflective of taste.

Aroma: Gently swirl the wine in the glass to release more of the aromas. After swirling for a moment place your nose just inside the rim of the glass. At this location you will find the aromas are more intense. Take a few sniffs. Depending on the wine you are sampling you may note the aromas of vanilla, peaches, cherry, even cedar. Aromas is important because it is an essential component of taste.

Taste:  By far the most important part (in my opinion). Take a sip of wine and hold it in your mouth. Then move the wine around inside your mouth, but do not swallow yet. Notice how the wine feels in your mouth, the weight or the wine’s body. Do you notice a thickness or juiciness ? This can be your first clue to a wines body. Notice how the wine tastes, what flavors do you find present. After about 30 seconds swallow the wine. The taste you experience at this point is called the finish. A wines finish might be brief or it may linger.

Enjoy !!

Lisa Merry