Wine goes well with many of our favorite snack foods………. Personally, I enjoy a nice glass of Merry Family Valley Girls red wine with my popcorn……  You too can Pair up your favorite Merry Wine with any of your favorite snacks.

For example Pair up our Merry Moonlight Pinot Noir with Tortilla Chips and your favorite Salsa…….

Potato Chips go great with our semi sweet American Riesling wine, or Pair up some pretzels with our Autumn Blackberry wine…….

One of my all time favorite Merry Wines Janet’s Medley Red Raspberry can be paired up with dark chocolate. Sometimes I like to drizzle this one over some Oreo Cookie Bryers Ice Cream (super yummy).

What is your favorite snack? Have you thought about pairing it with wine?……….. When it comes to wine and food pairing remember the only incorrect wine is no wine at all..

Cheers 🙂



Lisa Merry