I often get asked the question “does it matter what kind of glass I use when I drink wine?”.   This question has long been a topic of debate for many. It has been long believed that the shape and design of a glass reflects on the taste of the wine. Some might argue that the shape and design of the glass will have no impact on the flavor of wine. Based on my personal experience I believe the glass does matter. …. If you have ever drank your wine from a plastic cup you know exactly what I mean.  Needless to say when I travel in addition to taking along my favorite Merry Family Wines I also pack my stemless wine glasses.

Glass Designs And The Purpose

A White wine glass tends to have a taller bowl with a  more narrow opening when compared to a red wine glass. The purpose of the taller shape of the white wine glass is to reduce the surface area exposed to the outside air temps allowing the wine to stay chilled longer. When sipping from the white wine glass the narrow opening places the wine to the back of the mouth where the mature bolder flavors of the wine can be tasted.

A Red wine glass tends to be a larger rounded bowl with a wider more open mouth.  The wider mouth allows for an increased rate of oxidization by revealing a larger surface area of wine to the air. The wine will warm faster due to the increased surface area exposed to the room temperature air. The wider bowl allows for the detection of complex aromas associated with red wines. When sipping wine from a red wine glass the shape aids in placing the wine to the front and sides of the mouth where the delicate and subtle flavors can be best detected.

You will find a Dessert wine glass to be small upright and narrow mouth glass. The upright narrow bowl of this style glass forces the wine to the back of the mouth. This will allow you to enjoy all the flavors of these very sweet wines without being overwhelmed by their sweetness.


Lisa Merry